Thursday, February 28, 2008

When Marie is in Sweden she...

- Wouldn’t dream of jail walking.
- Recycles EVERYTHING.
- Wears a seat belt for a 100 m drive (just in case!).
- Doesn’t swap seats on the train (too complicated).
- Eats lots of incredibly healthy food.
- Spells months and days with a lower case (januari, februari… mandag, tisdag).
- Avoids telling people she lives in Hong Kong because she doesn’t want to “brag” (jantelagen).
- Avoids telling people anything about her past 13 years in case it would be considered “bragging”.
- Obeys by all rules, whether they be in the LAW, or just printed on a paper napkin.
- Controls her urge to talk to strangers at bus stops and in lifts.
- Thinks that it’s naughty to have a glass of wine with dinner on a weekday

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