Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sympathy please!

I pulled a muscle in my back this morning. I know many of you think this is a pretty cool trip, but dragging a 25kg suitcase, a 12kg (at least) backpack and the enormous box of "extra" brochures that my secretary has sent to get me past's not fun with a bad back (I was feeling quite miserable).
I have left the suitcase and the box in Geneva, and I'm travelling with a small over-night kit stuffed into my handbag, but every time I have to lift my backpack I am not a happy camper. So pass some sympathy my way, or better yet, some Tiger Balm!

I'm in a piano bar in Zurich right now! Zurich is really quite nice.

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Simon said...

Never mind the bad back, stiff upper lip dear and don't let the enemy see you are in pain. (And drink milky sweet tea)! Love the stories so far, keep it up! Happy travels (travails?)! Or should I say 'glad kringresande'????