Monday, February 25, 2008

In Gothenburg now

Have been in Gothenburg since Friday evening. I have had an anti-internet weekend and not been online once since Thursday evening. I've been feeling a bit homesick actually but this is probably due to the fact that these are my last few days in Sweden.

I'm staying with my crazy cousin Charlotte. This has several advantages:

1. It's comfortable and convenient
2. She works in a really good Indian restaurant (she's a student) and brings me food.
3. She doesn't have a TV, which means no distractions. Although I did ruin this a bit with buying the entire series of TWIN PEAKS on DVD
4. She lives right next to a big park where there are moose - this is very cool
5. She doesn't mind that my things are EVERYWHERE in her flat by now

Tonight we are going for dinner and have also discussed impulse haircuts. I suppose the fact that we've discussed it, means it's not much impulse involved any longer. I will let you know what happens with this.

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