Sunday, February 10, 2008

Stupid Swedish trains

I have voiced my discontentment with the Swedish Railway Authority. The train that pulled into the station in Copenhagen had 6 wagons but only 3 were going to Kalmar. This is normal, Kalmar being a very small place. What’s not normal though was that there was nothing to indicate which three of the six wagons to choose! I jumped on one and realized that my seat must be at the very opposite end, meaning I would have to drag my heavy bags through the whole of the train. I pointed out this madness to the train conductor. She replied:

“People get so hung up on wagon numbers; you should look for your seat number instead!”

So you have to first get on the train and see which seat numbers are in that wagon, then guess which way the numbers are going….get off the train again, and calculate the number of seats in each wagon to get to the correct door. Ok-la, just so I know!

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