Thursday, February 28, 2008

Girls with God power!

...VC told me about this site:

I think it's wonderful! I especially like this make-up advise:

Many of us preach under strong lights or in heavy vestments that make us sweat. On days we’re not preaching, we often leave the house in the a.m. hours, run around to a series of meetings or activities and then to a round of the same in the evening. We don’t have a lot of time to do elaborate touch-ups, and we can get very shiny and sweaty punims.

Blotting paper is terrific. It essentially allows you to powder your nose without powdering your nose. Blotting papers are tissue-thin (be careful taking them out of the package; lightly wet your fingertip first or you may pull out a whole wad instead of just the one you need) and you simply press them against your forehead, sides of nose, and chin. You will be amazed at how much oil winds up on the paper, so please don’t do this in public — it’s not a genteel, lady-like act the way pulling out a compact and discreetly banging on your schnoz after lunch can be.
For gals, blotting papers have the virtue of not adding another layer of make-up to your face, which is a good thing if you’re at the beginning of your day and don’t want to get cakey. If your make-up has worn off entirely, by all means give your face a swipe with a powder compact and blush and use the blotting papers just to avoid unseemly shine.

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