Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Placido Domingo and Russian Lesbians

La Scala, yesterday - I hadn’t realised that it was Placido Domingo singing Cyrano, and AnnaMaria Popescu, whom I have had the pleasure of hearing in London, singing Roxane. It was simply outstanding!

La Scala, although very impressive, did suffer a bit from bad acoustics inside the boxes. Unlike Marinskij, where fabrics and dividing walls are used sparingly, La Scala’s boxes are quite sealed off. However, I was lucky enough to end up in a box with Russians only. Lucky because I got to practice my Russian. Lucky also because two of the women, both married with children, were there on a “girls’ weekend away” but with an unusual interpretation - they spent the whole time in the back of the box snogging like it was going out of fashion. Why was this lucky for me? I took one of their seats of course, so my Euro 80 ticket got me into a Euro 250 seat!

I did get a chance to talk to them during the Pause (about shoes actually). They were very nice, and as it turned out that one of them lives in Geneva (my next stop), I was asked to give her a call during the week. Funnily enough she put her age down on the note, it looks a bit like a personal ad, doesn’t it?? Unfortunately my busy schedule doesn’t allow for a rendezvous with a Russian closet-lesbian…but if anyone else would like to meet with Lilia, let me know and I shall pass the number.

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