Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Stop feeling sorry for criminals - PLEASE!

One of the things I don't like about Sweden is the way we (they?!) treat criminals. I'll try to illustrate my frustration.

There are riots in Denmark. Cars and schools are being burnt down, and there's a general state of chaos in Copenhagen. The PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen was asked what responsibility the government assumed for this and what they intend to do about it. His reply was:

This isn’t out fault. This is caused by youths who should wise up and get a job!

At the same time, in Sweden, a pro footballer for AIK (soccer player), took a car for a drive after spending the night boozing. In addition, the guy did not even hold a driver’s license. The police didn’t catch him, but there were numerous eyewitnesses. The AIK club management was asked what sort of punishment he would get from them. The spokesman replied:

No, we’re not going to punish him. We don’t know what kind of childhood he had or what he has been through in his life.

I had better not commit a crime or I might just get an extra harsh punishment! I had a happy childhood you see!

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