Thursday, February 7, 2008

"I love you babe"

I had a very bizarre evening. Having arrived rather late to my hotel I went down to the bar to try to get a sandwich. While enjoying that, I was dragged into a mad conversation with 2 bartenders and 1 (rather drunk) guest about African football. Mad because one of the bartenders and the guest spoke or understood no English so the conversation was in Spanish,, Italian, French and German, all jumbled up!
Actually, the (drunken) guest could say "I love you babe" and kept doing so throughout the evening, until they stopped serving him because he could no longer stand up! Hysterical.

Leaving the bar, a man from the table next to where the mad conversation was still going on, stopped me in the lobby and asked if I wanted to invite him up for a coffee. Do women actually say yes to this? I told him I didn't have coffee making facilities in my room, and quickly closed the lift door. I bet he was a telecoms executive!

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Anonymous said...

Jesus ! my posts are now famous !
By the way, my brother graduated from a top French telecom school but never worked for a telecom company : THANK GOD !!!!!!