Friday, February 1, 2008

Hubris strikes me down!

My comprehension of the Italian language has jumped exponentially since arriving on Sunday - to the point where in a state of complete hubris I thought I would start speaking it. Armed with a parleur I marched into the only local restaurant without strippers, to ask if they did take-away food.

Me: Buena Serra, blablablablablablblabla?
Waitress: (in perfect English) No, our food doesn't walk but I can give you a box to take it in.

This could have been a very funny line if she hadn't said it with such an attitude, so I thought about it for a minute and went:

Me: Oh, well in that case I'll try somewhere else.

The look on her face was priceless! I went next door to the kebab-place instead. Their food walked just fine!


Anonymous said...

Grazie a Dio che è venerdì!!!!!! Come il Suo fine-settimana

nb : translated from English into French and then from French into Italian thanks to Reverso. I hope it (does not) make sense !

Marie said...

Use Babelfish Italian to English and you get:
"Thanks to God that is friday! Like Its aim-week"

...but the Italian makes sense to me!