Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sushi on Saturday

Some years ago I read a column in George magazine where the author had decided to outsource his life. At a not-completely-unreasonable cost he hired an India based company to handle his life and work.

The services included simple tasks like sending flowers to his wife, replying to party invitations and organise his personal like. The company also contacted his dry cleaners to complain about the work on the latest batch of shirts they had handled for him, did research for some overdue work, located and ordered a special shampoo type that was no longer in stock at his local shop. His India contact even drafted and sent an email to his boss outlining all the excellent reasons why negotiations for a pay rise should be imminent.

The results were excellent and the author, who found himself spending most of his time on the golf course (booked by the company in India), would have continued employing them if his wife had not put her foot down after discussing the weekend menu, not with her husband, but a recent graduate in India.

Today I decided to temporarily outsource my social life to my co-worker K. She did such an excellent job I am considering taking her on full-time.

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