Friday, April 18, 2008

Not old - vintage!

My Word! is today facing the challenge of navigating the mobile phone jungle to find that one phone that is "just a phone".

I have considerable experience in this, seeing as mobiles make up a large share of the non-food items that pass through my dog's digestive system.
Ahead of each replacement time I try to read up on the latest features available so that I can include these in the list of what I do NOT want my phone to do.

So my usual conversation with pubertal sales person starts off like this:

Hello, I would like a phone with no camera, no camcorder, no radio or mp3 player, no other type of player either. I don't need any word processing or editing software. I don't want to be able to check my emails or go online. I don't need voice recording or speech recognition. I don't want translation software or a calculator. I don't care to know what time it is in 5 major world cities. I don't want a colour display. I don't want any games.

That normally leaves the just-turned-17 stuttering "bbbbut, than it is just a phone!"

He then inevitably has to leave for the furthest most storage room, climbing over piles of past seasons electronics to find that one dust covered box that contains those ancient Nokias that calls, sends texts, possibly has an alarm clock...but with a battery life that will put any Duracell bunny to shame!

Insisting on using vintage phones alone has occasionally given me a mild cult status. I'm awaiting the day when some kid will ask me how it works. It will be a bit like when my sister M2 asked me what "that thing" was, pointing at the LP player!

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