Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Poo and packing...I need a hobby!

P is off on a business trip tomorrow and is busy preparing for it. Since I'm home tonight I thought I'd offer to help out with something - some sort of research I was thinking.
Something intellectually stimulating would be nice after 2 days in front of the TV.

So I was really happy when P called me back and said..."actually, there is something you could help me with".
Marie's thinking: "Cool, I can be useful"
P: "You can pack for me!"

Great! It seems the 5 years I spent in university are really paying off - I am actually qualified to estimate how many shirts are needed for a two-week business trip.

Instead of packing his bag (which I will do, later) I am now pondering on whether the outcome of Gweilo having just stolen and eaten half a banana, will be unpleasant later on tonight.

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