Tuesday, April 1, 2008

First night home

It was so nice to get back home! After a quick shower for me and a shower of attention for the dog and cats, Gweilo (dog) and I strolled down to Stanley.

It's nice to have been missed. Main Street's profit has obvioulsy gone done while I've been away.
I ended the evening in Smugglers talking to some lovely gentlemen in their 60s. I wonder why I always end up talking to men significantly older than myself? Or rather, I wonder why I much prefer to have conversations with men over 50, to my contemporaries? I'm sure there's a good freudian answer to that!

I did have a really great time, especially since one of the men had like me, gone to LSE, and shared my passion for military history. It was 8 am when I finally, surprisingly sober, ended the discussion somewhere around the Crimean War and went home (the dog had been sent home around midnight I should add!).

I slept on Sunday - all day!

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