Saturday, April 26, 2008

Just thinking

If you've just had the most perfect day, would you retrace your steps, do it all again in the exact same order, just to experience another perfect day? If you did retrace your steps, would the day still be perfect? Or would expectation ruin it? Was the day perfect in the first place because you had no expectations on it? In such case, could you ever have that day back? If you did nevertheless retrace your steps and things turned out not quite as perfect the second time around, would it ruin the memory? Are things better left when they are at their best. What if you only know that things were at their best, by the time it is no longer so? If you don't go on to find out, how will you ever know? On the other hand, do you always have to know how the story ends? Is there not some beauty in leaving it after "once upon a time..."?

No, I'm not stoned!


Anonymous said...

Hello! Very philosophical that was! I can just add that my saturday should not be recycled for reasons I have already told you - bad lunch means bad time afterwards... I admit having spent almost all the time (more than an hour!) since we talked on reading your blog, trying to catch up now when I eventually found it! I read somewhere that you should get yourself a hobby. My husband keep on telling me I should get one. Now considering all the time I spend on your blog, maybe this could be my hobby? Or should I just keep to knitting tofflor?

Marie said...

I think knitting tofflor is an excellent hobby. The problem with getting a hobby is that you do so to have something to spend your free time on...and then you'll realise that you have no more free time because you spend all your time on your hobby. It's tricky!