Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Juliet is a rock

My helper Juliet has been outstanding. My flat is supertidy.
Gweilo and the cats (Stinky and Smelly) are happy and reasonably well-fed. Gweilo has being picky with his food and has lost weight, but I'm fattening him up now.
Juliet has also learnt a few new dishes and filled the fridge upon my return with all my favourites!

She has also continued her annoying habit of decorating my flat with rubbish (like the knitted napkin holder above). I don't want to tell her not to, it seems petty when afterall she is here more often than I am. However, the place is starting to look like something decorated by a 60+ Chinese woman. I'm moving in a few weeks, I think I'll bring it up then!

Meanwhile I ought to get her a present. Wonder what she would like?

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