Friday, April 18, 2008

About coconuts

I've been asked to clarify 'the whole coconut thing".

There are challenges (I prefer to call problems "challenges" as I am a very positive kind of person) that people have been faced with, whether they lived 4000 year ago or are around today.

I find it comforting to know that the big challenges that I face are in no way unique, and if I look around me I will find people that have overcome them and got on just fine.

At this very point in time there are 3 major things that occupy my mind. Coincidentally, my mother had to go through the exact same experiences when she was my age. She might be slightly crazy, but generally a balanced and happy person despite it.

If faced with a serious or life-or-death challenge, I believe our survival instinct will kick in to open that damn nut!

Ironically, if we are talking literally about being stuck on an island with only coconuts for sustenance, it wouldn't matter if my survival instinct opened them as I am highly allergic to coconuts and would die either way!

You may choose to use this fact to dwell on the dark side of my sparkling personality but if that's what you're doing I'd say you think too much and really need a hobby!

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Patrik said...

Philosophy, irony, sarcasm, and mum. You certainly captured it all!!!