Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cats can't fly

I had only just moved in when it happened AGAIN! Stinky the cat slipped off the balcony railing and fell 4 floors.
Convinced that there is no way she could have survived I was shocked to see her sitting on a ledge, looking through the window to the car park like nothing much had happened. The ledge, however, was out of reach and neither the doorman nor the SPCA guy could figure out a way to get to her.
This was the point when I was prepared to break down the window. After some good advise from friend M (so sorry that I woke you) I decided against it and agreed to lower a cat trap. Stinky the cat though is not the sort of cat who will walk into a trap, unless it’s Gucci. She’d rather starve to death. There was nothing to be done seeing as it was about 5 am.
Around 10 am we finally got to her through a door that I had claimed all along must exist. She was absolutely fine and can now add this to her list of adventures, which includes falling off a balcony in London (ONLY 3 floors) and being accidentally loaded unto a lorry and shipped from London to Northern Ireland. Each time I have been close to having a heart attack!

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