Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Me and Joe

I need to buy a CD player!

My friend Snaskefar recently wrote on his blog that he tries to "catch out" his musically profound friends by checking their top 25 most played songs on I-Tunes hoping to find songs from Aqua.

Whenever I have friends flipping through my CD collection, I always receive compliments for my taste in music. They then, inevitably end up chosing the only CD I am slightly embarrassed about owning - the soundtrack for Notting Hill. Never mind Miles Davies!

I don't listen to music much but when I do, I pick it carefully. This, however, does not mean that girl pop music never makes it to my CD player (if I had one) - I do for instance like Timberlake and Stefani. Right now, however, I am listening to Joe Crocker.

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