Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vive la révolution!

My little rebellion is over. After two months of stalling by management, and 2.5 days of strike action by me, the management decided that the information stored in my grays is worth more than the money they owe me. Thank you very nice!

I’m usually a very reasonable and flexible person, but I have really enjoyed these last few days. There’s a certain satisfaction that comes with sitting on all the aces and be pissed off enough to display a complete unwillingness to compromise.

I can understand now why the French take so much pride in defending themselves profusely against any minor perceived injustice. I have many times watched in awe as my friend the Queen of Lyon has argued the tiniest little detail (from the amount of the bill, wrinkles in a shirt etc) with waiters, shopkeepers, ticket sales persons etc. My general attitude has always been that unless it’s a really big deal and costing you large amounts of money, just let it go!

Upon reflection though, I have decided that the Queen of Lyon and her fellow froggies are on to something. The drama that comes with getting angry and argue your point, gives you a real nice adrenalin boost! From now on I intend to carry around a bag full of half-rotten tomatoes that I can, in true French spirit, launch at the next waiter who argues with me over the quality of the wine.


Anonymous said...

Geezus !

I was on my side trying to apply the "let it go, it's not worth it" theory I admire so much from you foreign guys...

Pépette, my mobylette is very sick : she leaks badly from the gas tank.

My janitor nearly ignited her, by pure malevolence, until I brought her to the Motociste...
Heavy surgery requested. Will cost hundred of Francs !

I deliberately refused to call the seller and ask for refunding, BECAUSE "it's not worth it" !

What shall I do now ? Yell and physically threaten him with my Corsican friends ? Plastic his house and rip his pets as I used to do ?

Please, save my confused mind !


Marie said...

Oh dear, oh dear!! Have you considered launching rotten tomatoes at him?

Anonymous said...

You're right... Truth lies in the middle. I shall use genetically modified rotten tomatoes at least.