Thursday, May 29, 2008

No, I am NOT!

I phoned my Mother up to let her know that I am going to Hultsfredsfestivalen, a massive music festival conveniently held a taxi ride away from my little house in Sweden.

Why?, she asked.

Me: Well, Hans is going. Linkin Park is playing. I have never been there. Because I want to and can…

Mother: Do you not think you’re a bit too old?

Me: Hans is older, he’s going.

Mother: Then perhaps the two of you can pretend to be part of Parent Watch.

It’s always so nice talking to her.


Hult said...

Jag tänkte åka på Sweden Rock veckan före i stället - men du kan ju alltid titta in hos lilla kärnfamiljen på en kopp kaffe och säga hej när du landar på Oldhorsespastureway, om du har lust.

Marie said...

Well, Merci for inbjudan!! Inte helt unlikely! Jag ar i Patternhill knappt tva dagar, men ska forsoka...