Monday, May 26, 2008


Have I told you all that I’ve been sacked (or “laid off” for financial reasons as my manager put it)? No, I don’t think I have. Well, after working my bum off since December, the 9-or-so weeks business trip and my 16 hour days since I got back, my contract was terminated. I must admit that at first I was a little bitter, but upon reflection I have found several advantages with my current situation:

- I was getting very frustrated with the mis-management of the company, especially the never-ending for-no-good meetings, and the insistence on a ridiculous hierarchy where us mortals are not even allowed to sit in big-giant-leader’s chair.

- Although I was already interviewing for another job, it did give me a kick to actively start job-hunting, which also means I can get my visa situation sorted.

- It has been bringing me lots of sympathy beers. “You are getting divorced AND you’ve been fired? Here, have a beer!”

So, you see people – just another coconut!

I’m completing some tasks before heading off. However, as the company still owes me money since the Big Bad Business Trip, I am currently on strike! Until I receive a cheque for the full amount, I am not departing with any information currently stored in my little head. This is driving my poor and beloved co-worker K insane as I refuse to answer any work related questions no matter how tiny and unimportant they may be.

I am rather enjoying my rebellious mood and secretly hope it will take another few days until I have my money.


Andreas Hult said...

Fight the power - jag håller på dig!

Marie said...

Man tackar! Blandade smarop med support aer alltid vaelkommet.