Wednesday, May 7, 2008

So...where do I sit?

Some weeks ago, my friend CH told me he was considering buying a sports car. I told him right away that he should absolutely without a shadow of a doubt put his hard-earned cash towards a prime example.

Single guys, with well-paid and demanding jobs DESERVE a sports car. There is no waiting around for the right time or right bonus – just go for it! Before you know it, you’ll be stuck with a crazy girlfriend that you’ll have to spend all your money on. Next there will be an expensive wedding, naturally followed by the need for a family car. You’ll end up getting your sports car at the height of your mid-life crisis along with that pathetic and desperate look that comes with it (probably also baldness!).

CH didn’t buy a sports car. Instead he is now committed to old girl Pépette, see below, whom he claims is more in his line with his current spirit. I have to admit that Pépette does have a great deal of charm. However, I am not sure if she will quite be able to deliver on that “mother of all car rides” that CH has promised me next time I visit Paris. Nevermind!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my !!!!! Pépette is famous !!!!
Attagirl !!!!