Friday, May 23, 2008

About being

I’m so sick of having this conversation.

From time to time people question whether my self-confidence is a façade to an insecure inner self.

No, it is not! I like myself. I recognize and embrace my faults and failures. I like the person I have always been. Basta!

When I lived in Russia, Wombat girl had one of her frog moments and said: I don’t really understand why all these men like you, it’s not like you’re that amazingly pretty! No wonder you have such good self-confidence!
I told her to retrace her steps and she would find the answer.

If you don’t like yourself, how can you expect other people to? Be yourself. If someone doesn't like you, being yourself...then why the hell would you want to be around that person anyway? I wish I could bottle self-esteem and hand it out. It’s tragic really!

That's the last I will ever say on this subject!


Snaskefar said...

Damn straight, don't ever apologize for being succesful! Shake of that east cost-little town-envy that we all had to live through.

Marie said...

Babe, don't even get me started on that! Now add 7 years in London where people apologise if YOU step on THEIR foot.

Anonymous said...


You do inspire me. Maybe one day!

Anonymous said...

I know I provoked this. I think you're wonderful. Sorry!