Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Still the 2nd most pale Gweilo in HK!

I have been complaining for months about the lack of good beach weather. Monday I finally had my chance so I got up early, packed my beach bag and strolled down to Turtle Cove Beach, my "local".
About 10 min later I remembered that I actually don't like the beach at all. I hate getting sand everywhere, it's too hot, it's crowded and noisy...and I get really bored.

So this morning, as I am working late evenings again, I went down to the pool instead. I managed to just get comfortable when my phone went off informing me that the whole management team, bar me, are off work with the flu! So much for my lovely relaxing morning by the pool. I didn't even stay long enough to remember that I don't much care for sunbathing by the pool either...

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