Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm wearing red pjs with snowmen on!

Good morning!
Before I had a chance to go to sleep last night my boss called me up with more instructions how to speak in public (big sigh...those of you that know me understand my frustration). In the middle of a "make sure you smile and move your hands" he all of a sudden asked me:

- Marie, what are you wearing?
- What, you mean right now? (I was tired!)

The poor guy obviously saw a big sexual harassment lawsuit on the horizon so he quickly added:

-No no no no no, tomorrow, but I'm sure it's fine, you always dress well. Ok, bye bye!!

Ok-la. Good thing, don't think my pjs are much of a turn-on!


Sri said...

Hello Marie!!!

Marie said...

Hi Sri, Nice to see you here! Hope the family is well! M