Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And then there was the lovely taxi driver...

...who took me back to the hotel. He was playing a CD with a kind of of jazzy-Joe Crocker type of music, with a bit of country thrown in, sung in English with an Italian accent.

I had to ask about it, it was really quite...unusual. Turned out it was his band (obviously not doing very well since he's driving a taxi) and he gave me a free copy of his CD! Bless him!

So I will now start to market the band in the hopes that he can leave the "mines" and fulfill his dreams.

The group is called Black Car Race and the album (who knows, they might have more than one) is Summer of Love. I'm listening to it now. My favourite track is "The Colours of the Night". Look out for it people, I think it's the next big thing!

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