Friday, January 25, 2008


Firstly, sorry that I have been vague as for where I'll be when! My schedule seems to be changing on a daily basis but the below one is pretty accurate.

My 2 weeks trip that turned into 8 weeks, was cut to 6 weeks...but after discussion with Daniel the Boss this morning, might be extended to 8 weeks after all to cover possibly some US or NZ schools.

Week 1 (from Monday 28th Jan)
Monday-Wednesday: Rome
Wednesday-Sunday: Milan

Week 2 (4th Feb)
Monday: Leysin - Montreux area
Tuesday: Geneva
Wednesday: Zurich
Thursday: Geneva
Friday: Gstaad
Sat-Sun: Copenhagen

Week 3 (11th Feb)
Monday-Tuesday: Copenhagen
Wednesday: Malmo
Thursday-Sunday: working from home in Kalmar/Vibo (admin stuff to do)

Week 4 (18th Feb)
Monday-Wednesday: Stockholm
Thursday-Saturday: Oslo
Saturday (night, party with Gbg crew??) - Sunday - Gothenburg

Week 5 (25th Feb)
Monday-Thursday: Gothenburg
Friday-Sunday: Berlin (Emma, you coming?)

Week 6 (3rd March)
Monday-Tuesday: Berlin
Wednesday-Friday: Stuttgart/Dusseldorf/Munich
Saturday: Munich - flight back to HK or continue somewhere else

I have cut Finland and Russia this time...just didn't think it was worth it

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