Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Almost done now...

Arrived early to work today, have some last minute arrangements to take care of before I go. I got fed up with work the other day and started delegating. I've always been notoriously bad at delegating but I might have to reconsider...since yesterday I have actually been able to reply to some personal emails (not counting the daily email I send to Emma and Maria, which they are kind enough to ignore...or never receive as it gets stuck in the spam -box due to unsuitable content), and I even went out for dinner the other night!

So...my hair-dresser David asked me the question that is surely on everyone's mind....how does one pack for two month's travel? Well, taking pride in being a light traveller I expect to be doing laundry on a frequent basis. I have also had to be practical in terms of shoes (I know, this is a real sacrifice to make!) and will only bring one pair (well, and then 2 pair of boots and trainers) but I'm expecting snow in most places I visits and the majority of my shoes, no matter how pretty they may be, are just not very practical.

I'm also equipped with a really high-tech travel office including a digital camera that I have stolen from Paul, my ipod of course and a very funky laptop with all sorts of cool built-in thingies that I can't wait to crash.

Tomorrow is packing day...we shall see if it all fits into my suitcase. I'm off tomorrow night...will put my calendar up shortly!


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maja said...

have you crashed the thingies yet?