Sunday, January 27, 2008

...but it's nice to have someone to give the KitKat to!

5.30 am at Heathrow airport and it is pleasantly empty. Unfortunately that means nothing is open either - if I had been a coffee-drinker I would have been denied my morning cup!

By lucky coincidence, my friend Richard was on the same flight from Hong Kong. His final destination is Tel Aviv, meaning he has flown 12 hours only to back-track another 5 or 6! Yes, I know, makes sense!

For the vast majority of the flights I've undertaken in the past 12 years (massive carbon footprint!) I have been a solo-traveller! As such, I have a tendency to fall asleep before take-off and conveniently wake up just before breakfast or landing. Richard, it turns out, has the same flight habits, so he was a very good travel companion. It was nice with some company and the KitKat you get with your meal, which is so wasted on a girl with chocolate-allergy, for once ended up in more appreciative hands!

The cafe across from where I'm sitting is opening - perhaps a cup of tea then?

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