Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blonde, Si! Idiot, No!

I've just had my first big fight in Italian. It went something like this

- Scuzi, but I want Via Cassia
- Si, si via Cassia
- You just turned off via Cassia
- Si, Si via Cassia
- Si, Via Cassia is over there
- No, blablablablablabla......blabla
- No, you need to turn back
- No, blablablablablabla......blabla
- Quicker? Ok then

5 min later

- Meter is 15 Euro, solo 10 Euro to Via Cassia, dieci euro!!
- No, Via Cassia blablablabla
- No, dieci!!!

He turns the taxi and heads back to Via Cassia - stops with the meter at 25 Euro

- Grazi, I'm paying ten euro only
- No, 25 euro
- No
- 25 Euro blablablabla
- No, you didn't go straight here, I have a map and I followed how you were driving. It's 10 euro
- (staring at me with angry eyes)
- Blonde, Si! Idiot, No!

He takes my 10 Euro and leaves. Should teach him not to mess with a Swede!

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