Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Secretary did well in Norway

...I'm in a lovely hotel! It is ok located and tastefully decorated. There's a gym, a pool and a nice hotel bar (with lots of really hot guys actually). The bathroom has nice wee hotel shampoos and soaps - I haven't seen this since Rome so I'm easily pleased.

I wish I could stay here and have Europe come to me. I don't even mind all the Norwegians (and I really don't like them usually).

My boss has sent me some really nice emails commenting on my work performance. He is so harsh with all the office staff in HK, I've seen some of them leave the office in tears, yet he never says anything but nice things to me. I don't know why - sometimes I think he might be a bit scared of me because I voice my opinions. I'm not complaining though...really not!

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