Sunday, March 2, 2008


I was feeling a bit homesick. Wishing I was back in HK, spending my Saturday evening as usual down in Stanley Main Street. But then I discovered that the Swedish Melodifestivalen will be live online! Provided the connection is reasonable I should be able to see it. I AM SO EXCITED!! I also think I might be a sad sad person- but I will raid the mini bar and think no more of it.

What is Melodifestivalen you wonder? It's the Swedish Eurovision contest. Only, in Sweden there are semi-finals, 2nd chance semi-finals and the big bad final. All in all Melodifestivalen takes up every Saturday for about 6 weeks! I've watched all three semi-finals so far and have the following comments on the finalists:

Semi-final 1: Christer Sjogren made it through due to people like my grandmother, whom I am sure voted multiple times. The song is embarrassing and what were the girls with the big feathers ala 30s cabaret doing there? The whole number belongs on a cruise ship. Only Germans will vote if Christer ends up in the Eurovision. He's very popular over there.

Amy Diamond: Good, cheerful song that is so cheesy it could win the whole thing - I love it! She reminds me a bit of Sandra Kim, who won the Eurovision in 1986 with J'amie La Vie - she was only 15, just like Amy. (I've heard rumors that she was only 13 but lied to be allowed to compete – juicy stuff).

I also liked how Suzzie Tapper made it to 2nd chance. Her voice is still fantastic, she must be pushing 50, so a very cool cat!

Semi-final 2: Sanna Nielsen, the girl from Smaland, did incredibly well! The best entry in the first 3 semi-finals by far.

Rongedal: Fun fun fun. I think maybe I liked the choreography most...especially in the tick-tick part. I liked the red suits too!

The best thing about semi-final 2 was that CAROLA only made it to 2nd chance semi. She is so SCREAMY. I don't know what Andreas Johnson was thinking when he teamed up with her. Carola has appointed herself the Eurovision Queen of Sweden. Three times she has represented Sweden in Europe. She won once, in 1991. In my world that makes for only a 33.3% success rate! I think you should win at least twice to be allowed to act like a diva.

Semi-final 3: The poorest semi-final so far.
BWO was ok but nothing new. I used to admire Alexander Bard for his inventive spirit but it's now kind of same old, same old. Nothing much has happened since Army of Lovers really.

Frida: I can't honestly say that I think singing in Skane-accent is a good idea but oh well. It livened things up.
Semi-final 4 starts in 1 hour! So exciting!

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