Saturday, March 8, 2008

At least try to go out in style

Returning to the hotel yesterday I was prevented from returning to my room as some desperate person had picked the roof as a suitable place to the take the final big leap from.

I don't claim to understand what horrors in life would drive one to suicide. I think it is a selfish and cowardly way of dealing with ones problems. I feel very sorry for family, friends and the rescue services, who are the ones left to take care of the mess.

The man did jump. I'm sure it was a man as very few women pick the jump as their preferred method. I'm also pretty sure the jump was a success.

I apologise if I sound morbid...but if life has been to so hard on you that jumping off a building is the only remaining option...why on earth would you pick the roof of a budget hotel in the outskirts of Berlin? Surely there must be more spectacular places?

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