Thursday, March 6, 2008

No time for clubbing

I hate to admit this but I have had a very nice time in Oslo, and the evil Norwegians have all been very nice!
Hmpf! I don't like it when I have to re-evaluate my opinion on something. I still think Sweden should invade.
I have been working hard and haven't had time for typical Norwegian hobbies - like whale hunting or clubbing baby seals.


Anonymous said...

I wish to comment that clubbing baby seals is not only a common habit for Norwegian people but also a growing fad among French Yuppies. Cross cultural awareness, that's cool !
ps : very funny post !

Simon said...

Maybe we should dress up as Norwegian seals and club French Yuppies?

Marie said...

I visualise a battle scene. The English all dressed as baby seals. The French dressed as frogs in Armani suits. Let the clubbing begin!

Us Swedes will just watch from a distance, and support whoever looks like they're winning...