Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I can be so dumb sometimes

I was sitting in the airport hotel bar working before my flight at 19.10. With lots of time to spare I strolled over to the airport to check in.

19.10 to Oslo. Hmmm...there is no 19.10 flight to Oslo. There's an 18.10 SAS flight to Oslo. Shit!!

I run over to the SAS counter. - I know it's 17.40 and I'm really late but please please please let me check in!

The very nice SAS lady says - Your flight is 40 min delayed so no problem. Although, it doesn't look like you have a reservation.

What?! The very nice lady lets me use her computer to check.

Oh, my flight is with Finnair at 19.55!

My flight Oslo-Berlin is at 19.10...but that's on Thursday. I look forward to Germany where I can take the train instead.

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