Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stalking in reverse

I have one student that I like more than the others. He's incredibly smart, well-spoken and, I must admit, rather easy on the eye. Every Monday when I check what students have signed up, I look out a bit extra for his name. If he's not on my list, I switch classes with a co-worker. This means I see him quite often. Last time, I couldn't help but utter:

-You again! If I didn't know better, I'd think you're stalking me.

Other stalkers could learn from this: make sure the stalkee thinks he or she is the one following you!

My manager thinks I need to get out more.

I should add, perhaps, that I teach grown-ups. This particular student is in his mid-30s.


Johan from Red said...

You are not stalking Marie, you are flirting! Just like your manager says, you have to go out more! ;-)
Why don´t you go out with your students?! ;-)

Marie said...

They're Chinese

Johan "Red" said...