Friday, January 16, 2009


Walking home from my local tonight I found a man sleeping in the street. This is unusual for Happy Valley. I reacted. Upon further examination I discovered that he was a Gweilo, so a clear case of booze overindulgence. I woke him up. Got him back unto his feet. Walked him for a some 50 m. Stuck with him as he threw up, then asked him where he lived.

Some 5 min later he was still unable to tell me. So I said:
- It's bloody cold outside, you can crash at my place.

The reply was the first thing he had said to me so far and the sweetest I have ever heard from a drunk-off-my-face man:

-But, I'm married.

I was saved from having to tell him, that not even if I hit the deepest darkest place of desperation would I pick up a next-to-unconscious man, by my barman, who thankfully swooped in and took over.

Despite the obvious objections, the incident did instill me with some new faith in men.


Johan said...

BTW, you should switch your profile picture on FB!

Marie said...

Why? What's wrong with it?