Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday fun

The recipe for a good disaster movie is:

- One gung-ho fireman/field researcher/police officer.
- One misunderstood scientist, played by a former 90210 cast member.

These two will have a past and therefore not want to work together. Old sparks will ignite however; as we all know, saving the world makes people horny.

- The kid of one of the above – for someone to save.
- One politician to make an unpopular decision and one politician who will refuse to (the latter will not survive the disaster).
- One natural disaster with potential to wipe out THE WHOLE WORLD (which means the US).

In addition it must be at least 5 hours long.

One of my many dark secrets is that I love spending a whole day watching this rubbish! With a 4-day holiday coming up I will be watching the WORLD (US) almost being wiped out by an asteroid, a hurricane, an earthquake, a super storm, another earthquake and erratic plate movements.
In that order.


Ash said...

Gott sei dank I live in The Third World so here there won´t be that kind of disasters... we have enough with our own problems!

Snaskefar said...

One of the politicians must utter the words "My God, I was wrong..." before he or she is swept away by a great tide or hit by a falling rock.

Marie said...

yep...which is what makes the whole story improbable!