Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's resolutions

I know, it's passe but I just can't help myself. I suppose it's the self-reflection that comes with every end-of -the-year that makes me want to at least attempt to be a better person. The reality though, is that I pretty much like myself the way I, I'm lazy.
Nevertheless, here's my list of self-improvement(s) for 2009.

1. Get out of bed before 8 am. Opening my eyes to locate the laptop does not count.
2. Go to bed before midnight. Watching The West Wing in bed until 2.30 am does not count.
3. Eat breakfast every day, at least once (every day).
4. Stop thinking of 7 Eleven as a supermarket.
5. Reply to emails and text messages.
6. At least consider trying an illegal substance if offered (I mean, come on!! I'm 32 and squeaky clean!).
7. Make some sort of decision with regards to "what happens next" (to please Mother).

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