Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Caning needed

Tomorrow's the International White Cane day, an effort to educate and raise awareness on blindness.
In honour of the occasion, Radio Sweden had invited a blind girl onto the show to talk about her canes (she had several). The radio host was priceless:

Blind girl: This is my favourite cane.
Radio girl: THAT'S your favourite? But it's all grey and dirty.

Blind girl: This is my party cane, it's a bit like a cabaret cane.
Radio girl: It doesn't really look like it but ok.

Blind girl: Someone stepped on my cane so it broke.
Radio girl: Really, did you see who it was?

Radio girl then got to try walking with a cane, blind-folded.
Radio girl: Help, is there something on the floor in front of me?
Blind girl: Don't ask me, how am I supposed to know.

I wish they made canes for dumb people. One that could be used to beat them over the head with.

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