Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This is not a collective

A very serious looking, uniform-clad Mr Health Inspector came and knocked on my door today.

-Your AC unit is leaking water.

- No, it's not. It's the AC unit on the 7th floor that leaks. It drips onto mine, so it looks like it's coming from here but really, it isn't.

- No, there's no one at home on the 7th floor so it must be yours.

- Well, it's 11 am, perhaps you should try them this evening.

- No, is yours.

- Ok, well why don't you come in and have a look.

The serious man inspects the AC and concludes that the water is indeed from the 7th floor.

- Ok, so you need to arrange additional drainage for the AC.

- But mine's not leaking. Surely the people on the 7th floor have to deal with this.

- They are not at home.

-What, like never?

- What do you mean?

- Can't you just leave them a note?

- Ah, yes a note. Ok, ok.

- Great. Thanks for stopping by!

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