Friday, October 31, 2008

The important stuff

It doesn't happen every day but occasionally I read Barometern, the local newspaper of the town where I grew up. The Editors of Barometern are superstars at putting life back into perspective. Today's news are:
- There are people on the Internet who commit fraud.

-A man bought a bicycle four months ago and now it's rusting.

-It's been snowing.


Ash said...

I think that´s better than this: local radio station: "Se encontrĂ³ un cadaver muerto!" (sth like: "a dead cadaver found!")

Marie said...

Excellent - as opposed to a live cadaver, which really wouldn't be very newsworthy

Hult said...

Good 'ol Barometern, where I took my first steps to achive my current position as media mastermind. However, they still don't recognize talent when they see it.