Tuesday, October 14, 2008


When P and I separated a year ago, I decided to approach single life a bit more methodically than what is usually done. So I conducted market research using an online dating site. I have now moved on to more field-based research. So far, I have discovered that the HK market for eligible males is actually not that bad BUT OMG I really have to get a bit more selective!

I've just come home from a date with a man I've known for a few months but never been on a "date" with before. He's wonderfully exciting, intelligent, attractive and fun; plus he really likes me so it all seemed promising.
However, half-way through, as I displayed a combination of annoyance and boredom at the fact that he always wants to get to the bottom of "why I left my husband"...he turned into an insecure schoolboy (he's significantly older than I am) and spent the rest of the evening trying to impress me with ridiculous statements about how wealthy he is! Money is the last thing that will ever impress me about a person, so I said thank you very much and left.
Disappointing and weird!

My students are trying to hook me up with another teacher. "Don't screw the crew" I told them but they didn't get that so tomorrow I'll have to, yet again, introduce rude vocabulary to them.


Anonymous said...

Jag kan bara hålla med. Pengar är så otroligt ointressant. De, männen, får gärna ha pengar men inte prata om dem. Så är det bara.


Marie said...

Precis - jag har ocksa varit pa date med en kille (polis) som hela tiden pratade om hur daligt med pengar han hade! Snark! Naer jag till sist erbjoed mig att ta notan blev han foernaermad!! De stackars liven!