Monday, November 3, 2008

So how did you guys meet?

I've just had a brief chat about whether or not people should have cover stories for how they met, if it happened to be online.

I think that online dating is probably the most honest way to meet someone. You exchange a few emails, meet up, hopefully have a nice evening and become at least friends.

Owning up to the fact that you met online can in no way be more embarrassing than hooking up with someone in a bar, get drunk and end up in bed with a guy you don't know the first thing about.

Or even worse, meet someone at say, a Tory Party event, get drunk and exchange phone numbers...who would ever want to own up to meeting like that?

No wait, that's how I met my ex!


Ash said... we need to exchange a few emails yet... so take note of my email address! lol
No wait, that´s how I met my ex too!

Marie said...

So the address would be:
Peru, then take left?

ash said...

...sorry... what you mean?

Marie said...

Well, in the absence of an email address I could send you a letter (I can write without a keyboard you see, because I'm over 30) I thought your address might be,
Somewhere in Peru. Just go there, turn left, and you'll see me."


ash said...

Near to Brazil Town
46 steps to the tall tree
Turn left...

Btw... sorry... by the way:

Marie said...

Oh so THAT'S where you live!! You should have just told me from the start. I'm there almost every week. In fact, your neighbour's black dog is kinda getting of my nerves...and could you please ask the guy selling newspapers around the corner to stop asking me for even money - I don't do coins!

ash said...

uhmm... you mean the big black dog??
Don´t worry maybe it´s just your dirty socks...