Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Major Major Major Major

S asked if I'm taking Nilsson back or if I'm going to be to be a bit more last name-creative. He suggested a double-barrel name as in Marie Double-Barrel.
The Chinese find it difficult to cope with "Marie". Imagine the confusion that would follow if I were to adopt S's suggestion.

I wasn't planning on changing my name again, but perhaps I ought to. One could have all sorts of fun with it.
Donalds (my initials are MC)
Urderer (my students are easily frightened)
Swede (as if it wasn't obvious enough)


Fiore said...

Hammer. Please change your last name to Hammer.

Marie said...

Like it! Could have gone with Cain but didn't carpe diem on that. Hammer, on the other hand might just work for years and years, provided I talk only to people my age - my 19 y.o. sister would be clueless.

Hult said...

Catch 22 - among the best bestsellers ever.