Monday, November 10, 2008


Kalmar FF winning the Gold meant the team anthem "FF till Tusen" played on Swedish radio. This certainly brought back memories. "FF till Tusen" is a song by the dance band (Swedish/German music genre - like American country but worse) TONIX.

The singer in Tonix is the father of the girl I was best friends with in school. This is how I ended up on the door VIP list during numerous Tonix gigs at the mere age of 14.

I don’t remember it being much fun hanging around a bunch of drunken adulterous grown-ups. It was more the case of popping in to get a hot dog, then going back out again where cool teenage boys on mopeds fed us beer, often followed by some snogging-behind-a-tree.

Those were the days!


Ash said...

Ist Es Schlager Musik???

Marie said...

Nein, es ist nicht -although there's a resemblance!

ash said...

Nothing bad at all