Thursday, September 25, 2008

A toilet balancing act

When Chinese girls use "proper" toilets, they step up onto the toilet seat and squat. I know this because there are always footprints, or shoe prints rather, on toilet seats in Hong Kong. I don’t really understand the point in doing this. I am, however, rather impressed with their balance. If I had to balance my heal clad size 40s on an 8 cm slippery surface, I think we'd see many pairs of silk shoes being ruined by toilet water (or worse)...especially in the wee (!) hours of the morning.


Fiore said...

I wonder if the men does the same thing? That would increase the chances of "missing the target" a lot.

If someone slams the door to a public lavatory really hard and you hear a splash, is it ok to laugh?

Marie said...

Good questions...I might have to ponder on this!