Saturday, September 13, 2008

This week..

...I bought 2 new mobile phones as Gweilo first ate my old one, then my brand new one. I yelled at him of course. He gave me the "what?! what are you going to do? You've already had my balls cut off!" look.

I met my new friend K again. He is half Northern Irish Catholic, half Tunisian…which sparks the question: …so did your parents meet in terrorist summer camp or something? He’s a good sport about it!

I received 12 moon cakes from my students. I think moon cakes are nice but a tiny slice at a time is plenty.

I found a lovely flat – way too expensive for me really but as I told my manager…if I need a supplementary income, I can always go back into stripping. It’s very lucrative.

My divorce papers came through. My divorce cost less than H$600 and once the papers were sent off, took less than 3 weeks. Thank you very nice!

So a very good week all things considered! It’s bank holiday weekend and I have NO plans! I like it!

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Hult said...

My hypotetical divorce will cost at least 1M SEK, so I think it's better to stand by my Woman to put it in Tammy Wynetteish... Oh, and I still love her too! ;)