Saturday, August 9, 2008


I have just watched the very impressive Olympics opening ceremony. Despite having some 15467 TV channels, the closest I could get to live coverage was a program with 5 Chinese men discussing the games (in Cantonese) while the opening ceremony was being shown on screens behind them.
So instead I ended up watching German Eurosport streamed from a Macedonian TV channel via a website in Malaysia (seriously!).

I have a few thoughts on the ceremony.

- I like the idea of using the Chinese alphabet to determine the order countries entered the arena. Gabon, Turkey, Benin, Canada, sort of added a bit of excitement (it was a rather long ceremony and I was bored waiting for number 185!)

- I would never want to compete for Greece as their team always have to spend hours in a hot arena waiting for the other monkeys.

- I liked the little fan/wind machine on the flag poles. Beauty is in the details!

- What was up with the bagpipes and bongo drums?

- I think the final torch runner (or flier) burnt off his eye least.

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