Saturday, August 23, 2008


I managed to talk a taxi company into a T9, 3am pick up, only to discover that my flight had been further delayed.
Being a creature of (at least some) comfort, I strolled over to the airport hotel in the naive hopes that they might have just one tiny room left. They did not, obviously.
Instead I plonked myself down in a corner of the airport along with the thousands of other stranded passengers. Amazingly enough, I slept like a baby. Since I knew not to expect any further updates until 09.30, I even had a lie-in...on the floor (I found a bench at 09.30, and slept another 30 min there).

If my flight leaves at 13.30 as the current schedule suggests, I only have left to convince the Indian immigration services that although my passport does not strictly speaking have 6 months validity (5.5 months only), they still ought to let me in. No problem, surely!

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